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The following regulations apply to online service provided for the users of Yutaka Global:

1. Definition

In this agreement, the following terms are explained as follow:

Contents: website contents, software, data, information, messages and other text, audio, video, pictures, images and so on obtained from online services.

User " refers to all users successfully registered through Yutaka Global website (http://www.yutakaglobal.com) or other approaches agreed by Yutaka Global from time to time with the permission to use all of relevant services provided by Yutaka Global;

"This agreement"includes all general and special regulations

"Online service" refers to all online services and electric trading systems including web pages for application, links and other relevant services provided by Yutaka Global for registered users.

"Data Source"refers to all content providers (including but not limited to Yutaka Global, other exchange markets and professional information providers) offering online services data

"Login name and password"refers to a set of personal identification code provided by Yutaka Global for registered users to log in or use the online services.

2. The responsibilities of Yutaka Global

2.1 Yutaka Global shall authorize the users to use non-exclusive, non-transferable limit license through legal registration. The users shall use online services in accordance to this agreement, and comply with any or all copyright regulations and restrictions. The license is for personal use only which is not allowed to be used for spreading online service content to the local network, international network or other channels.

2.3 Yutaka Global reserves all rights as follows : (i) reject the registration of users (ii)immediately suspend users from logging in or using the online services without notifications, if any violations against regulations of this agreement occurs or under any reasonable, necessary and appropriate situations considered by Yutaka Global (iii) amend terms and conditions of this agreement from time to time without notifying users.

2.4 Yutaka Global shall have the right, at its absolute discretion, to add, amend or delete any website content of statement, purpose or function at any time without notifying users.

3. User's responsibilities

3.2 Users must provide all relevant personal information, accurate, timely and intact for Yutaka Global under reasonable requests once registered successfully and inform Yutaka Global immediately of updating if necessary in order to keep the accuracy and integrity of all personal information.

3.3 Users shall recognize that all online services and content belong to Yutaka Global and/or proprietary rights reserved by/information source, and only for users to use. The users may not, in any forms, copy, upload, counterfeit, adapt, amend, rearrange, publish, translate online service content or reproduce to a third party.

3.4 Users may not hack, access, use or attempt to hack, access or use Yutaka Global's servers, contents or any parts of data area without the authorization of Yutaka Global.

3.5 The users shall not assign, transfer or authorize all or any rights or obligations in this agreement to a third party.

3.6 The users shall not use or permit others to use the content or any parts thereof for any illegal purposes or any other purposes prohibited in this agreement.

4. Guarantee and responsibilities

4.1 Disclaimer

4.1.1 The users shall acknowledge and agree that the online services is provided based on the approach of "according to the current situation". The users shall evaluate and bear all risks under the use of content and the online services. Yutaka Global or information source does not offer any sorts of guarantee to the online services, including expressing or implying any content provided through the online services, including but not limited to not infringing upon the rights of any third party or any applicable for specific purpose that could be merchandised. Yutaka Global and information source make every effort to ensure all content provided is accurate and reliable, but neither to guarantee content thereof is accurate and reliable, nor be responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any inaccuracies or omissions.

4.2 The liability limit

4.2.2 For all claims, liability, loss, damage or expenses, including but no limited to attorneys fee and other costs that caused by users'usage of online services or contents which make Yutaka Global and the service providers of Yutaka Global suffer, users agree to bear all responsibility, make a compensation and free Yutaka Global from the corresponding losses and damages completely and effectively.

5. Validation and termination

5.1 Validity

5.1.1 The agreement shall take effect once users register successfully till the time when users'behaviors end.

5.2 Termination and effectiveness

5.2.1 If the users violate any regulations of this agreement or reasonably be considered to have inappropriate usage of the online services or relevant online service by Yutaka Global, Yutaka Global has the right to terminate the services at any time without notifying the users.

6. Privacy and personal information collection claim

6.1 On the collection of personal data , the company follows Chapter 486 "Personal Data ( Privacy ) Ordinance" of the Laws of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data guidelines issued every now and then. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Once users send their personal information to Yutaka Global, they receive phone calls, emails and direct mails with promotional materials from Yutaka Global occasionally. Those who do not want to receive these materials could inform Yutaka Global by letters.

6.2 Users agree that personal information provided can be used, reserved and owned by Yutaka Global for the following purposes and others that agreed by both parties or requested by law untimely. (i) providing the online services (ii) for the promotion of relevant products or services of Yutaka Global or agencies of Yutaka Global (iii) any benefits provided for the users produced by the online services processing or related behaviors..

7. Statement on Account Opening over the Internet

7.1 The written contract documents required to be signed and the contract arrangements for the automatic online account opening are both legally enforceable and legally binding. If you have any questions, please consult an independent professional or seek legal advice before establishing a contract relationship with the company.

7.2 Clients residing in different jurisdictions may be required to comply with different applicable local laws, rules, regulations or directives for opening accounts or creating contractual relations with our company. If the client is in doubt, please consult an independent professional or seek legal advice before establishing a contract relationship with the company.

8. Governing law and general regulations

Then English version shall prevail if any discrepancy between Chinese and English versions occur in the agreement.