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Fund Withdrawal

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1. Clients who submit their request for fund withdrawal before midday will be processed on the same business day. Submissions after midday will be handled on the next business day.
2. Clients should be aware of their capital situation in their transaction accounts, to avoid deduction of withdrawal amount due to potential delays in the withdrawal process caused by insufficient funds.
3. USD $5 handling fee will be charged for withdrawal of less than USD $50.
4. For clients who used the online payment method to deposit their funds, sufficient transaction volume is essential; otherwise a handling fee of 3% of the original deposited amount will be charged when requesting fund withdrawal
Requirements for fulfilling the transaction volume:

A. For deposits of USD$1000, there’s a need to complete one contract transaction. 
B. For deposits of USD$2000, there’s a need to complete transactions of two contracts.
C. For deposits of USD$2280, there’s a need to complete transactions of 2.3 contracts (And so forth).

5. Required to call clients for confirmation in the situations below:

A. When handling fee for fund withdrawal is needed.
B. Fund withdrawal amount exceeding USD$5000.
C. Available funds in transaction account is less than the withdrawal amount requested.
D. The transferred currency is not the client’s currency of origin.
E. Application for fund withdrawal occurring more than once.
F. Application for cancellation of fund withdrawal.