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What is precious metals?

Precious metals is one of trading products in the market both with functions of hedging against inflation and appreciating value such as the most welcomed Gold. The trading price synchronizes timely with the international gold price, open and transparent, which enables investors to check market price at any time. You could do two-way gold trade in 23 hours, buy long or buy short. The increase or decrease of the price is the opportunity to gain profits. Moreover, it is so flexible that no rising or falling limitations for day trade.

Why do we invest in precious metals?

1、 Precious metals

Precious metals such as gold and silver are non-renewable, and they serve as the symbol of wealth. For thousands of years, paper currency witnessed generations after generations. But the value of precious metals is always kept and is not influenced by any economic policy of any country. The reserves are decreasing as humans keep exploitation, and hence the great gap in supply and demand. Laws of value makes their price keep increasing in a relatively long term in the future.

2、 Risk Aversion

Precious metals such as gold and silver are the most effective tools to maintain the value during wartime or social turbulence. The 21st century is turbulent and full of wars, terrorist attacks and nuclear crises. The Middle East is always the region that is far away from peace. As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were over, the world is now under the shade of nuclear crisis. Precious metals are popular in the market as the best tools to avoid risk.

3、 Value-maintenance and appreciation

Precious metals such as gold and silver are the most effective shields against the depreciation of US Dollar. In addition, they are greatly potential in value appreciation, unlike banknotes, bonds and portfolio investment which might become worthless overnight. Precious metals are intrinsically valuable.

4、 Portfolio

Fluctuations in gold , silver and other precious metals prices are not affected by other investment products is relatively independent , even if the portfolio is only a small part can also help to reduce overall risk.

▪trading details

Contract size Quote quantity Quote Value Leverage Minimum
XAUUSD 50 2 100 oz US $ 0.01 /oz US $ 1 100 0.1 Lot